2021 HR Trends Report

Use the four trends defining HR's path in 2021 to ensure you adapt, adjust and thrive this year and beyond.


2020 was a year of massive disruption and change: the global pandemic, the impact of the Black Lives Matter and Indigenous rights movements have changed the way organizations operate around the world. HR has been front and center in having to address the challenges surrounding remote work, digital transformation, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and more

But 2021 is no longer about survival, HR must learn to thrive in the face of continuous change and position itself for long-term success.

Use The HR Trends Report To: 

  1. Inform your HR strategic plan using McLean & Company's data and in-depth analysis
  2. Get key insight into the four trends defining HR's path in 2021 and which practices will have the biggest impact on HR effectiveness
  3. Ensure HR has the expertise and resilience needed to contribute to business continuity planning
  4. Review and evaluate areas where your department is not aligned with industry practice


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