Create a People-First DEI Strategy 

Build a sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy by focusing
on real people's experiences to uncover and address systemic inequities.


To be successful, DEI strategies require the ongoing support of the entire organization. It is not the responsibility of excluded groups to organize their own recognition. Although some organizations have made progress with DEI initiatives, many are still struggling. 

McLean & Company’s Create a People-First DEI strategy is designed to help HR leaders create a DEI strategy based on the specific challenges that their organizations face.  

Use the DEI Strategy Research To:

  • Assess your current DEI efforts and uncover gaps and challenges.
  • Identify a clear purpose for DEI that is upheld by defined strategic pillars, carried out by specific DEI initiatives, and overseen by a governance model.
  • Implement DEI across your entire organization with initiatives to support all employees.
  • Identify goals and metrics that will indicate progress. 


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