Extinguish Organizational Burnout

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Use a systems approach to evaluate, address, and minimize employee burnout.

Break the Cycle of Employee Burnout by Addressing Six Core Domains

Feelings of burnout have been exacerbated by the changes of the past two years but addressing it at the individual level is not enough. A healthy work environment is one where organizational policies, practices, and values create a system in which individuals and organizations can thrive.

McLean & Company's newest research blueprint, Plan to Extinguish Organizational Burnout, is designed to help you implement a multilevel approach across six key domains that focus on preventing employee burnout and promoting long-term wellbeing. 

Use This Research To:

  • Gather existing internal data to assess the current state of burnout and identify your priority areas.
  • Tailor solutions across six organizational domains to address root causes and identify next steps for solution implementation.
  • Equip managers with tools and training to identify and minimize burnout within their teams.
  • Create a future with minimal burnout by shifting the focus towards prevention and developing norms that promote the long-term health and wellbeing of employees.


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