Employee Engagement Trends 2023:
Stop Reacting, Start Acting 

Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

Webinar Summary 

Signs are pointing to a slow decrease in average employee engagement, but this doesn’t tell the full story. Despite the complexity and uncertainty of the external environment, one subset of organizations is seeing dramatic increases in employee engagement.

In this webinar our analysts will discuss:

  • How organizations who measure and take action on engagement are seeing huge improvements;
  • The impact of the external environment on employee perceptions of company potential and more;
  • Key insights, analysis, and benchmarking data for McLean & Company’s Employee Engagement Survey data.

Meet the speakers


William Howard

Director, HR Research & Advisory Services, McLean & Company 

  • Will Howard is a Director, HR Research & Advisory Services with McLean & Company. Will is passionate about driving organizational success using HR technology, data and analytics, and finding new ways to reward and motivate employees.

  • Prior to joining McLean & Company, Will managed a qualitative research lab at the University of Prince Edward Island where he trained researchers on the use of research hardware and software (e.g. NVivo, Tableau) and facilitated the research of faculty members. More recently, he worked in education in France and South Korea.

  • Will holds an MBA with a specialization in Human Resources from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University as well as an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Amanda Chaitnarine

Director, Advisory Services, McLean & Company

  • Amanda Chaitnarine is a Director, Advisory Services at McLean & Company. She leads the advisory team for McLean & Company’s HR diagnostic tools, including the Employee Engagement Program, the McLean Employee Experience Monitor, and the New Hire and Employee Exit surveys. She is also the product manager for McLean & Company’s HR Stakeholder Management (HRSM) and HR Management & Governance (HRMG) diagnostics.

  • In her role, Amanda works directly with clients to identify key insights from survey data across the employee lifecycle and develop action plans to improve engagement in their organizations. She also works with clients to identify priorities that align HR strategy to organizational goals and objectives. She has gained valuable experience in working with organizations large and small across industries and geographies.

  • Prior to joining McLean & Company, Amanda was an Organizational Development & Human Resources Advisor for a large seniors’ care organization where much of her work was project based in the areas of training and development, onboarding and orientation, recognition programs, survey administration, and HR process improvement.

  • Amanda is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL). She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Labour Studies from McMaster University along with certificates in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion, Human Resources Management, and Adult Training/Education. Most recently, she has completed a Masters Certificate in Organizational Development and Change.

Justine Czencz

Consulting Analyst, HR Research & Advisory Services,  McLean & Company

  • Justine Czencz is a Consulting Analyst on the HR Research & Advisory Services team at McLean & Company. Her areas of interest include talent acquisition, employer branding, and learning and development. She has a passion for combining communications and marketing perspectives with HR initiatives and assessing the impact effective HR programs can have on organizations and employees.

  • Prior to joining McLean & Company, Justine worked in the property management industry, where she gained experience in recruitment and onboarding and supported various Human Resources programs. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Media from the University of Windsor, and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management from Humber College.

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