Webinar: Don't Push Employees to Change Their Behavior, Nudge Them.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020 

1:15pm ET


Nudges are a behavioral science tool HR can use to alter the environment and context that decisions are made in to encourage better employee decision making. Nudges are not new: HR professionals have been applying the concept in practice for decades without having a formal name for it. But by taking an informed, measurable approach, HR can stop guessing and start reporting on the effectiveness of their nudge interventions. 

This webinar will focus on: 

•    Introducing nudge theory and sharing some of its successful applications in the pandemic.
•    Understanding the ethics behind nudging and how to ensure your nudges will not backfire.
•    Showcasing McLean & Company’s practical framework to apply nudges in HR.

Join this webinar to learn about best practices in behavioral science in HR to change employee behavior during the crisis… and beyond. 


Featured Speakers



Alyssa Lampert

William Howard

Christine Penhale

Analyst, HR Research 

Manager, HR Research & Advisory

Senior Analyst, HR Research & Advisory

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