Strategically Develop a 360 Feedback Process 

Wednesday, June 23 at 1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

Webinar Summary 

Employees work with many different people both inside and outside their organization yet often only receive feedback from one person - their manager. This makes it hard for them to get a holistic view of their performance and make necessary adjustments. While more and more organizations are integrating 360 feedback to combat this, they are primarily using it for performance-based decisions. When 360 feedback is used only in this way, it can do more harm than good. 

In this webinar we will:

  • Introduce the 360 feedback assessment.  
  • Review best-practice use and complications for 360 feedback. 
  • Provide a strategic roadmap required to maximize the benefits of the 360 feedback process. 

Featured Speakers



Ashley Michael 

Director, Learning Solutions, McLean & Company 

  • Ashley is a Director on the Learning Solutions team at McLean & Company. She oversees the creation and publication of commercial learning and training products, including downloadable training, eLearning courses, and remote and blended leadership development programs. These training programs are both for managers and HR professionals. 

  • Prior to this role, Ashley spent two years leading the Product Management function, working directly with the IT department team to build a client self-service platform for McLean & Company's survey clients. She used her client experience coupled with her deep knowledge of the diagnostic tools to inform the features and user experience of the platform. 

James Kim

Consulting Analyst, McLean & Company 

  • James is a Consulting Analyst on the HR Research & Advisory Services team at McLean & Company. He has a passion for using data and insights from research to guide organizations toward HR best practices. James' areas of interest include metrics and analytics, HR technology, and leadership development. 

  • Prior to this role, he worked in the public services sector where he provided support to a provincial government's labor relations and compensation functions. James also has experience conducting academic research in organizational behavior and has authored papers on topics including leadership, collaboration, and organizational networks. 


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